Name: Will Morris

DJ Name: I’m not a DJ yet, but I’m thinkin “DJ Old Spice”

Year: Freshman

Where are you from?
Kennesaw/Marietta, GA

What are you studying at UGA?
Right now I’m a Linguistics/Anthropology double major with a German minor.

When did you join WUOG?
Fall 2017!

What staffs have you been involved with during your time with the station?
Archiving, Music, and Ops staffs
What is your favorite show on WUOG?
I love Banjos ‘n Blues! Jitters and Rags, which immediately follows it is fun too, and of course Cold Case and Liner Notes

What have you been listening to lately?
Every couple months I have a really intense period of listening to almost exclusively The Mountain Goats. I’m in the thick of one of those right now. Other than that, I’ve been digging the new albums from Titus Andronicus and Soccer Mommy, and of course Jeff Rosenstock and Pat the Bunny and all of their many projects. Oh! Also I just saw Of Montreal so I’m probably about to get into them a bit more.

What are your top five favorite albums?
Oh man, it’s hard to narrow this one down

Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing by The Wonder Years
Grandfather by Tigers On Trains
The Monitor by Titus Andronicus
Throw Me In The River by The Smith Street Band
Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen

What are some hobbies you have outside of WUOG?
I play guitar and bass and drums, which take up a lot of my time. I try to read a lot, I like that, and I went geocaching for the first time over spring break which was fun if for nothing else than an excuse to get outside. I want to get really good at cooking, too.

What is your favorite piece of dawg iconography?
Every time I think “they can’t possibly put a dawg on X!” and then I see whatever object I was talking about with a dawg on it.

Would you rather be a pirate or a cowboy and why?

I think cowboy. Pirates are cool but I think all that time cooped up on a ship would give me the ocean madness. Cowboys get all the swashbuckling adventure without the constant danger of drowning, plus easier access to modern amenities like, say, bathing. Yeehaw!

What is your favorite Classic City Spot™️?
The Grit is cool, and the WUOG lobby

Thoughts on reality being a simulation?

In short: it more likely is than isn’t, but there’s no way to know. It doesn’t matter, since we still experience the world around us as real, and that has an inherent value I think.