On Akinetic, the latest endeavor of Chicago singer-songwriter project In Tall Buildings, various stylings of stripped-down indie and art rock are blended into a sparse but enjoyable sound. The most obvious comparison is Sufjan Stevens’s acoustic work—Hall’s vocals sound quite similar, as does his use of piano and gentle guitars to build a laid-back atmosphere that allows the vocals and lyrics to shine. “Overconscious” could be a Michigan B-side, with its layered guitars and piano slowly building against a subdued rhythm. But Akinetic isn’t one-note: album standout “Siren Song” gets into an upbeat War On Drugs style groove, while “Akinetic” and “Long Way Down” integrate electronic beats and lo-fi synths. In Tall Buildings display a knack for straightforward but tasteful songwriting, with clear nods to their influences that manage to sound unique in the context of the album.

-Andrew Bennett