Hurry, an indie-pop trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, strays from their noisy, distorted sound of previous records for a cleaner, more melodic record in Every Little Thought. It’s a simplistic, dreamy album about the spasmodic feelings of love. With catchy lyrics, driving guitar, and soft instrumentals, it’s a breezy album with a composed momentum held throughout. The title track “Every Little Thought” is laden with repetitive, placid guitar riffs and pleading, questioning vocals. With lyrics like “Every little thing I knew about you / doesn’t mean anything / doesn’t really mean anything,” Scottoline provokes a sense of hollowness in relationships that may have once meant everything. Vocally driven track “Waiting For You”  is a strong pop track with desperation intertwined in the lyrics and instrumentation. The energetic vocal melodies and forceful, wailing guitar solos make this the most accessible and catchiest track on the album.  “Hanging On” focuses more on instrumentation with softer vocals and more noisy, distorted interludes between them. The last two minutes are an instrumental with added synth and reverb to create a hazy, disorderly sound. The track ends with solo acoustic guitar, giving humanity to such a naturally unobtainable sound. “Jamie”  continues the trend of pleading vocals with lyrics like “Jamie / I can’t take much more / I can’t take much more.” Swifter and more concrete guitar riffs make it more of  power-pop tune than noise-pop one. The album ends with “The One I Want” which utilizes a  fast and crunchy bassline and crashing percussion to create a sense of soft-punk. The sweet and breezing vocals juxtapose the wailing, heavily distorted guitar solo in the track. Overall, it’s a solid, simplistic album with sweet and charming vocals and airy, dreamy instrumentation.

-Cameron Coleman