The four song EP Tomorrow’s Shore marks the steady reunion of avant-garde shoegaze band Ride. Their second release since 1996, Tomorrow’s Shore proves that Ride is molding their way into modern dream-pop in graceful fashion. Present in the late 80’s shoegaze craze alongside bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, Ride’s recent release bridges nostalgia with modern dream pop. More distinguished vocals and melodies differ from the blur of dark psychedelic sounds characteristic of their earlier work.

“Pulsar” opens the EP with a quiet and haunting electronic reverb that explodes into a hazy pop melody. Distorted guitar and angelic background electronics pair with more detectable vocals than of their past releases to create a track that brushes both ambient and modern pop tropes.  “Keep it Surreal” is more reminiscent of shoegaze tradition with indistinguishable instrumentation and hazier, blurred vocals. Strong lead guitar riffs alongside a cloud of murkier sounds and experimental solos create an illusion of the surreal, living up to the track title. Psychedelic guitar riffs and melancholy vocals characterize standout track, “Cold Water People.” Haunting reverb, digitized harpsichord, acoustic solos, and reversed guitar instrumentation make for an incredibly dynamic and memorable song. Fringing on electronic pop, the final track, “Catch You Dreaming,” uses more electronic sounds than guitar and is vocally driven. Echoing lyrics and sprawling synth incite a dreamy, trance-like state that will leave you wanting more by the time the EP concludes.

-Cameron Coleman