Hailing from Lebanon, Postcards play a lethargic and reflective style of dream pop in the vein of Mazzy Star and other classics. The songs on I’ll be here in the morning are an intersection between the freeform sounds of ambient, and more straightforward singer-songwriter. Opening track “Open Waters” is a wash of echoing piano and guitar improv, with the hazy female vocals giving it a ghostly feel. Tracks like “Flying Saucers” and “Bright Lights” contrast this, with gentle acoustic guitar strums giving the songs a sense of rhythm. Album standout “Waves” and “Wrinkles” show glimpses of distorted guitar and a more energetic sound, but Postcards always take care keep things slow and minimal. The simplicity of their sound pairs well with their reflective lyrics about everything from dreams and memories to scenes of war, which are a clear point of focus (for a dream pop band, at least!). I’ll be here in the morning is a consistent and well-executed album of dreamy slow-core, showing great promise from Postcards as a band.
-Andrew Bennett