Giants of Love by the female-led band Trust Fall is a generally well-crafted EP of cuddlecore and noise folk, discussing themes of love and loss through powerful lyrics and busy instrumentals that occasionally. The first track, “wild fire/flowers,” is also the strongest, with nostalgic lyrics and powerful imagery that shape the entire release to be one of raw emotion capable of influencing even those lacking an appreciation for punk musical backings. Many of the EP’s songs, including “you don’t have to stay here”  from which the phrase “giants of love” originates, seem to be influenced by The Cranberries, specifically Dolores O’ Riordan’s vocal style. “Dirt roads” rounds out the overwhelming emotional impact carried by the album and feels as if it’s the most passionate song of the bunch, with beautiful vocal inflection and variety in the instrumentals. Overall, Giants of Love is an overwhelmingly sweet and heartfelt emotional journey of tragedy as well as a wondrous ode to Dolores O’ Riordan’s vocal style.

-Alexander Watson-Jones