Lotta Sea Lice, the collaboration from Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, is an album providing a look into what it really means to be an artist. The pair’s relaxed melodies and drawling vocals makes the album simply feel like an exchange between two friends just catching up. It’s lackadaisical yet intimate all at once. Since both Vile and Barnett’s solo work has a similar desert rock sound, their sounds come together and make something exceptional. They discuss similar experiences in terms of touring and songwriting throughout the album, with the best moments come from songs like “Continental Breakfast,” “Outta the Woodwork,” and “Peepin’ Tom.” These tracks best show Vile and Barnett’s deep friendship, even going as far to celebrate it. With their bond at the album’s core, Lotta Sea Lice is lighthearted and lets listeners in on the Barnett and Vile’s experiences. Lotta Sea Lice is exactly what one would expect from Barnett and Vile, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

-Claire Torak