After the breakup of Stone Cold Fox, Kevin Olken Henthorn concentrated on a solo project that became Cape Francis. Falling Into Pieces is the debut album of Cape Francis, and therefore has the benefit of being a blank slate for Kevin Olken Henthorn to write out his emotions on and redefine himself as an artist. Falling Into Pieces is a gentle journey through the new life of Kevin as he struggles through the formation of his new music identity within Cape Francis and breaking away from his former form of “indie pop rock.” This breakaway from what is expected of his musical work is driven through hand plucked electric guitar, subtle baselines, and a flirtation with the electric keyboard. When he pours out his heart as a solo artist, the words draw you in with empathy and sincerity. The progression of the album, Kevin’s journey, begins with the uncertainty of songs such as “What Am I Missing,” and “Falling Into Pieces,” and builds into the powerful confidence of “Fortified,” as a climax. It is rare that we are able to see an artist rediscover themselves through music, but that is exactly what Cape Francis has done with the painfully beautiful Falling Into Pieces.

Alexander Watson-Jones