Que Aura is a psychedelic and groovy collection of indie, garage rock, and dance-pop that uses lo-fi recording to create a casual and trippy atmosphere. The guitars and vocals are often muffled by fuzz and filters (as in the opening track “I’m Here For Now,” one of the album’s more energetic cuts), but sometimes take a backseat to retro synthesizers and drum machines. “Get Over” and “Feather Falling” bring to mind the demented psych-pop of Ariel Pink and John Maus, with their obscured vocals, lo-fi synths, and plodding drum machines combining into a more atmospheric side of Stoltz‘s sound. Finally, a few tracks use clearer production to approach a conventional indie rock sound. “No Pepper For the Dustman” and “Empty Kicks” feature jangly clean guitars, with the latter employing a disco groove to keep everything grounded.

-Andrew Bennett