Quickly following up their self titled EP, Bloomington, Indiana’s own Hoops continues their lo-fi brand of dreamy guitar pop with Routines. Opener “Sun’s Out” is a proper introduction to the band, with the individual components that typically grace Hoops songs being layered one by one slowly and effortlessly over the tracks duration while the group’s trusty tape machine patina smears all into a blissful haze. As per usual, the band splits their songwriting duties three ways, with frontman Drew Auscherman manning the more fast paced guitar tracks like the blazing single “Rules”, bassist Kevin Krauter taking over on the groovier songs such as “On Top”, and keyboardist Keagan Beresford shining on the more synth based songs like “On Letting Go”. Notably, the group has also opted to rerecord choice cuts off of their previous releases, like Tape #3’s standout “All My Life”, with more emphasis on production. Later track “Management” is the band at their peak, with strong melodic guitar hooks, and vocals recalling The Radio Dept. Fans of contemporary jangly guitar bands such as Real Estate and older sophistipop bands like Prefab Sprout should find plenty to like on Routines, a strong showing from a band just getting warmed up.

-Eli Wheeler