Abysma is the latest solo album from glitch-pop band Baths member Will Wiesenfeld. Here, in an attempt to create a more “passive listening” experience, he abandons the twisted electronics of Baths in favor of a straight-up house sound, with atmospheric synths and electronics creating a lush and otherworldly sound. The crisp beats are sometimes reminiscent of “ambient EDM” artists like Tycho or Bonobo. The opening track “Sunspell” is a perfect introduction to the sound, with various drum samples forming infectiously groovy patterns above beautiful synth chords. Other tracks like “Laura Corporeal” feature poppier keyboard riffs that intermingle with the ambient backgrounds and disembodied vocal samples, all while repetitive tech-house beats keep things anchored. This album manages to strike a perfect middle ground between throbbing club music and reflective ambient, drawing some of the best elements from both to create a sound that’s engaging yet still very atmospheric.

-Andrew Bennett