Closure, the latest album from Berlin songwriter Adna, is a foray into the darker side of indie rock, with heavy influence from the atmosphere-heavy dream pop and post-rock sounds. Most tracks are based around quiet piano and minimal strings and guitars, which allows Adna‘s voice to take the spotlight. The combination of such dreamy instrumentation with energetic drumming (present on many of the album’s more energetic moments, such as the chorus of “Closure” or the mini-crescendo of “Thoughts”) is reminiscent of the band Daughter, while the layered approach to chiming, echoing guitars and piano (of which “Overthinking” is a perfect example) shows influence from post-rock bands like Explosions In the Sky. Closure is an album that marries straightforward songwriting with lush ambience and ethereal, dreamlike layers of instruments, creating a sound that’s simple but still reflective and engaging.

-Andrew Bennett