Warpaint’s arty brand of pop-rock has received critical acclaim over the past few years for its sleek aesthetic, gorgeous vocals, and melodic knowhow. Heads Up, their third album, continues this winning streak. With its glistening production, dusky atmosphere, and prominent synths, the record delivers a particularly funky brand of the chilled-out sophisti-Pop sound of the 80s.

The massive funk groove and jittery post-punk guitars of “So Good” are wonderfully effective, especially when paired with the group’s haunting siren song. Lead single “New Song” also stands out with one of the album’s most memorable choruses and some gloriously 80s synth tones. The band even tries their hand at an acoustic track on the haunting “Today Dear,” an impressively melancholy closer and a definite highlight. On the whole, Heads Up is yet another leap forward for Warpaint, showcasing an increasingly diverse sound and a remarkably consistent set of songs.