zachEvery week, we will recognize one of our DJs for their exceptional work at WUOG! Our DJs work hard every week to provide the quality programming you enjoy, and we want you to be able to put a face to the voice.

Our executive board unanimously decided that Zach Broe aka DJ Lazyboy deserved the title of our inaugural DJ of the week! Zach joined WUOG his very first semester at UGA and has consistently been a presence at the station since then. After completing DJ training and taking on a graveyard shift, he has gone on to host two of our longest standing shows, Matter of Jazz and Boiling Point. His creative DJ styles can be heard on Thursdays with Matter of Jazz from 3-4 PM and Boiling Point, our punk show, from 6-7 PM.

We asked Zach a few questions that will hopefully allow you to get to know him a little better!

  1. Name?
    Zach Broe
  2. DJ name?
    DJ Lazyboy
  3. Year?
  4. Major?
  5. What shows do you host?
    I host Boiling Point and co-host Matter of Jazz (with DJ Pygmy Goat).
  6. What have you been listening to lately?
    Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Leftover Crack, Operation Ivy, and some Tera Melos.
  7. What’s your favorite specialty show?
    It’s hard to pick. I love both shows I host. I do love having Blank Generation come on directly after Boiling Point just because of the punk to post-punk transition. And I enjoy Conspiratorium because I really enjoy late night talk shows that discuss the inexplicable or supernatural so I’m glad we have one.
  8. Favorite fabric?
    I’m thinking denim. It’s just a nice fabric to wear I think. Jackets and pants.
  9. What did you eat for dinner last night?
    Some friends came over, and we all had a nice fried tofu curry meal.
  10. What would be your WWE entrance music?
    Take on Me by A-Ha
  11. Who do you like?
    Are we talking like like? I might like someone who goes to this school, but don’t tell anyone!
  12. Who were your three fictional characters?
    Mine were three young men who were standing in a stock photo. If people want to tell me alternatives though, I’m open to it.
  13. If given the opportunity, at whom would you like to throw cold spaghetti?
    That’s difficult because I don’t want to pick someone too obvious. I really can’t narrow it down so anyone who’s in Pentatonix. If you like them, that’s okay, I guess, but recently, friends have made me watch their videos, and I was frustrated by them–especially since I don’t like acapella. So it’d be cool to throw cold spaghetti at them because I feel like that’d be cathartic.


Check out Zach’s shows on Thursdays, but in the meantime, here are two sets he did last week!