The Serious EP by Bibio is collaboration between Bibio and singer Olivier St. Louis. Even though the artists were in two different countries when making the EP, it came together really nicely. Bibio is solely responsible for the instrumental aspect of the songs and Oliver St. Louis for the vocals and lyrics. Overall the album has a very 80s R&B/Pop feel to it. Bibio’s instrumentals are really funky and can go from easy flowing and echoey (song: “Make Up” and “Night Falls”) to more in your face guitar heavy tracks like “Stress Me Out”. The vocals and lyrics by Olivier St. Louis are great; his voice is fantastically sexy and his singing fits very well over the Bibio instrumentals. Putting both the singing and instrumentals together leave you with an album that ranges from Marvin Gaye to Prince in terms of comparison. With only four songs they each stuck out but some personal favorites off the EP would be the opening track “Why So Serious” which has a fun upbeat tempo that you can’t help but dance to, and “Stressed Out” where Bibio shows off some of his guitar shredding abilities.

-Andres Santana