Slingshot hit Athens hard and amidst the wonderful shows and artistic showcases, the Historic Morton Theater played host to some amazing comedy. Athens has always been a great place to for new and upcoming musicians, but the same goes for comedians. Atlanta comedian Josh Harris, a finalist in the Stand Up for Diversity talent set the night off with some local flavor and a little bit of music, followed by co-host of the Nerdist Podcast and host of the upcoming show Meltdown on Comedy Central, Jonah Ray. Ray left the audience rolling with Bing horror stories and a message from a fan he wished he never had.

Closing out the night was host of the Doug Loves Movies podcast and star of the documentary Super High Me, Doug Benson. Benson, as he always does, gave a personal and laid back set. He immediately reached out to the audience, responding to tweets directly before launching into his material. Any fans of Benson know his comedy reflects his lifestyle and the calm and cool Benson had no problems just being silly and maybe high onstage. The entire night was a stellar addition to the Slingshot line up. The beautiful Morton Theater proved a great venue for comedy as it allowed the comedians to give a personal show to a large audience.

My Comedic Conversations Co-host and I had the unbelievable opportunity to interview Jonah Ray before the Slingshot show. We’ve always been big fans of Jonah’s work on the Nerdist Podcast and onstage, so spending some time with him was a unique experience. You can check out the link below to hear our full interview and don’t forget to catch Comedic Conversations with Colorful Characters Tuesdays at 7:00 P.M. on WUOG 90.5 FM and on iTunes.

by: Collin Ingram, Public Affairs Director & Host of Comedic Conversations with Colorful Characters