No filter is needed when a lyric like “get fucked up six days a week” comes out as something other than a congratulatory ego stroke. The undressed, scuzzy guitar hooks that recall the brilliance of Yuck’s self-titled album sound frustratingly easy to come by, unforced and involuntary. A song able to so effectively tease what comes after the first cymbal crash, complete with blunt lyrics so universally angst-ridden you can’t tell if it was the first thing that came to mind or the product of revision after revision.

I sleep like I’ve lived to long, Fucked up six days a week. Get to kiss you in my best poems, I write like I can’t speak. Go get lost with someone else now, I hear she’s got great eyes. Fuck it all good luck, I’ll be damned if I can’t die”

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-Will Guerin