Active Child
Rapor EP
Vagrant Records

This is Pat Grossi (alias Active Child)’s third E.P. and his fourth release overall. Ellie Goulding, who covered “Hanging On” appears here, as does relative newcomer Mikky Ekko. It’s a gorgeous, short piece of electropop that is pretty consistent all the way through. It’s as atmospheric and beautiful as early Depeche Mode but is admittedly a lot more fun to listen to. There’s a pretty clear R&B influence here which oddly fits with the atmospheric synthpop production. It’s a fun, catchy record that anyone can get into. – Dan Clifford

Cut Copy
Free Your Mind
Loma Vista Recordings

The new album by Australia’s finest dance-rock act Cut Copy, Free Your Mind is one of the most fun and enjoyable records released this year. Structured around a few psychedelic interludes, the record is filled to the brim with catchy tunes and subtle grooves. One of Cut Copy’s greatest strengths is the way they can build a groove and then create a catchy song around it. Dan Whitford’s voice is breezy and his production creates songs that sound equally great at a dance party or an afternoon spent in the sun. All those psychedelic interludes lead up to the penultimate track “Walking in the Sky”, which is essentially Cut Copy’s version of a power ballad. It once again repeats the mantra that gives the album its title. Free Your Mind does just that, providing 50 minutes of escape and pleasure. – Andy Tabeling

Connan Mockasin

Filled with phased and reverbed and pitch shifted vocals, crystalline guitar, and luxurious synth, this album just wants to give you that Ooh Baby real smooth like. With AM radio soft rock and Ariel Pink-esque soft focused nostalgia holding hands at the forefront of the sonic pallet here, Caramel welcomes you in with wide open arms and holds you tight and give you that Oh La La with tracks like the slinky “I’m The Man, That Will Find You” and “I Wanna Roll With You.”  Give it a spin and get some of that sweet Caramel as soon as you can.  – Sebastian Marquez

Edited by: Nathan Kerce