A few weeks back we featured Nobra Noma’s “Loafergaze” as our local song of the day and today, just to be confusing, we’re taking it back to Atlanta with a similarly named solo project, Nomen Novum. Even though both men denied much knowledge of each other during their respective Live in the Lobby interviews, I think the public can rest assured that yes, this is some kind of messed-up conspiracy that traces it’s way back to gray, spindly bodies floating in formaldehyde in Roswell, New Mexico. I can only imagine what perverse things went on when the depraved duo opened up for Twin Sister back in May.

When frontman David Norberry isn’t out burying bodies of whistleblowers…well that is pretty much all he does. Sometimes though, he tries his hand at music – pillowy, pop-friendly synths has generally been his calling card in the past. This time, he’s teamed up with the more experimentally minded, Atlanta-based, easily suede (say the name out loud for its full, punny effect) and sanded down the sugary vocal hooks that dotted If You Look For It, It’s There. Still catchy and joltingly danceable, but blurred behind a hazy fog of static that the whispery vocal lines drifts in and out of. A numbed background playing the perfect veil for the glowing keyboard that cuts through.

Check out “Heathered” in the video below and be sure to hop over to Nomen Novum’s Facebook page.