It’s hard to imagine Clams Casino being the best choice to soundtrack a violent rampage but hey, when it works, it really works. Grand Theft Auto V released last week and has already become the fastest selling videogame of all time. Neon Indian, Twin Shadow, Hudson Mohawke, A$AP Rocky and tons of other people contributed original songs to be played over the in-game radio that were compiled into a soundtrack that was released this week. One notable exclusion was brand new Clams Casino track “Crystals” (that was included as a selection on the Flying Lotus-curated station Flylo FM). It appropriately goes a little bit harder than most of Clams moody, cloud beat tracks and has a sinister vibe that compliments the bad deeds of the game’s protagonists. Listen and download “Crystals” here or just go play the game, it’s amazing.

By: Nathan Kerce