It’s safe to say that Lorde is about to blow up. “Royals” (and its Weeknd) remix have been getting a lot of blog coverage and radio play. So this is the first and probably the last time she’ll get any coverage on this blog before she’s out of WUOG’s station philosophy. Her newest single “Team” is an understated and mature take on the current pop landscape. It’s all about the listener experience of hearing club anthem after club anthem while in the real world they live in a small, unremarkable town with quiet nights and humble personalities. It’s a sort of celebration of normal life, with no hints at cliche aspirations for fame or fortune. This is anti-radio pop but not delivered in a cynical, condescending way that aims to shock. This feels honest and that’s something that’s hard to find in pop these days. Listen to “Team” below and check out Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine out 9/27 via Universal.


By: Nathan Kerce