Google Images and I have the same idea when it comes to a band name like The Manticores: five tattooed dudes, postured just so, with long black hair and satanic imagery flowing. The Manticores have opted out of this stereotype and instead fulfill a more Fleetwood Mac oriented tradition – a beautiful, young married couple with what appears to be a penchant for L7-esque 90’s alternative pop.

‘Lulls’ is gritty and dreamy – spacey vocals playing off the hazy, key lime green synth line that ricochets and skips along. Shoving it’s catchy hook in your face right off the bat, ‘Lulls’ meanders around till it reaches the counter-melody that closes out the song – the alluring breaths of Sarah Atchison’s reserved response to the initial, sugary framework.

If you’re in the mood for some more lush, lo-fi pop out of Atlanta, feel free to check out The Manticore’s Bandcamp and Facebook page where you can further marvel at the lovely album artwork for Petaltails. Listen to “Lulls” below.

-Will Guerin[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwDgZedTSTA[/youtube]