Hey! We normally don’t do posts on school holidays but I was in the office today anyway and we have a ton of great albums coming into rotation this week so why not? Here’s staff write-ups for new albums from Volcano Choir and AlunaGeorge. – Nathan Kerce, blog director.

Volcano Choir
Hearing Justin Vernon’s voice enter when I listened to Repave for the first time, I was a little nervous that this would sound like a re-hash of his work as Bon Iver; the only difference this time being he actually doesn’t play any of the instruments on this album. However, upon giving the album a listen, my fears were gently allayed. With a rumbling electronic undercurrent, this album sounds very of-a-piece. There are no brash synths or wailing guitars. Everything fits together with a sound akin to what I imagine crushed velvet to sound like. Sequencers and arpeggiators sit comfortably with gentle acoustic and electric guitars. The communal sensibilities of the compositions lend the album a very Broken Social Scene-y vibe, however they never seem to be derivative. No, these songs create a distinct atmosphere that many may try to imitate, but they will probably never get it this right. – Sebastian Marquez

Body Music
The sound of Body Music is that of sultry electronic pop with a groovy R&B feel. Aluna’s luscious, sugary-sweet female vocals are gracefully layered and morphed over George’s experimental dance beats. The result is a provocative combination of 90’s nostalgia and intriguing futuristic explorations. The clear standouts from this album include “Attracting Flies” “Just a Touch” and “Your Drums, Your Love.” I also gotta give them bonus points for their cover of Montell Jordan’s notorious “This Is How We Do It.” – Lee Turner