Touché Amoré are a hardcore (or post-hardcore or punk or whatever arbitrary label offends the you the least) band out of L.A. known for their verbose, moody lyrics and the unique sing-talk vocals of their lead singer Jeremy Bolm. They get a lot of comparisons to early-2000s screamo bands of yore but their bottom line is much more uplifting and life affirming. Their last album Parting The Seas Between Brightness and Me is a brilliant and all too-brief artistic triumph that deserved more attention than it got, thankfully (partially due to the success of their good buddies Deafheaven I would guess) the release of their follow up Is Survived By is getting some much deserved hype. The first single off that album “Just Exist” has arrived and it’s some of their best work yet. Listen to “Just Exist” below and check out Is Survived By out 9/24 via Deathwish.


By: Nathan Kerce