The opening vocal of “Everybody’s Dying Just To Get The Disease” (why yes that is an Elliot Smith reference) is striking and raw in a way that doesn’t always work. Nothing is there to justify the shrieking, vocal cord stripping anguish and yet it comes off not as embarrassingly personal, but an enervating release of emotions, distinctively real. A flush that pushes off, with the help of some dramatic snare rolls, from the delicate slide-guitar-esque backing and dancing guitar melody to the classic emo-gang vocal, anthemic chorus.

At this point hopefully you want to listen to the song and peruse the somewhat homeless (their Facebook lists them as from the Athens/Atlanta area) Antpile’s post-hardcore, emo offerings as they build off the climatic opening. Maybe I can sway you further with some ‘jump-on the bandwagon’ tactics and alert you to their 1,200 plus Facebook likes, a pretty staggering amount when stacked up to the 1,500 or so Easter Island brings to the table; and considering the rarity of their Athens appearances (at least compared to the regular Athens inundation).

Check out the video below for “Everybody’s Dying Just To Get The Disease” and for more on the band, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp pages. 

Will Guerin