This week we have Tape Two, an album (or mixtape or EP, though it seems intentionally unclear) from recent Anticon signees Young Fathers. Based in Scotland, this alternative hip-hop trio sonically falls somewhere between Shabazz Palaces and Arcade Fire. The three members have roots in Edinburgh, Nigeria and Liberia so the cultural influences are vast and deep. The lyrics and their delivery are not necessarily pitch perfect (downplayed almost whispered verses are the norm here, nothing wrong with that but it’s becoming the sort of go-to-flow for rapping over more varied and experimental beats) but damn these guys are good at making memorable indie-rock hooks that will stick in your head for days. Tape Two is just over 20 minutes long but leaves a stronger impression than any overstuffed hour-and-a-half Jay-Z album (no shots fired, just saying his albums are always too long). Check out opening track “I Heard” below. You can download Tape Two right now on Amazon/iTunes. It sees physical release tomorrow via Anticon.


By: Nathan Kerce