Have you ever considered how you could go ‘back to the future’ and had your mind blown? Or how Michael J. Fox can pull off wearing that ridiculous red vest (it’s got to be the hair).

Emails and phone calls always go conveniently un-answered when I ask the Atlanta based group about the mystery that is this blonde bombshell. While lacking in insights about the Golden Fox, “Michael J. Foxworthy” does offer cacophonous guitar strumming, a wall of sound that rhythmically gets turned on and off like a fire hose. An amorphous sound cloud that slowly shifts towards the song’s final melodic piece, as the childish freakout makes it way through the ball pit at McDonald’s (this time without that old man in a children’s sized poncho watching you).

Check out Small Reactions playing tonight at the Go Bar with el hollin and PLS PLS! If you need more from this Atlanta group, check out their Live in the Lobby session.