Maggots steps back from the cheery, happy-go-lucky angst that marks the rest of New Wives debut EP; looking ridiculously solemn against a track list consisting of potential Happy Days episode titles “Lucy” and “Shanana.”

It’s a pretty standard indie rock slow-burner, sulking in a muted darkness that gives away to a crash of cymbals and washes of scuzzy guitar chords (and the resulting generic college radio blog write-up). But it does it so effectively, walking the line between prolonged melodrama and the stagnant boredom of the old lady at Starbucks explaining why her subscription of Country Living ended (it was the mailman’s fault, it’s a really long story though).

Reaching a somewhat unexpected conclusion when it opts out of a bombastic lead-up to its finality, favoring just a stutter-step before the song’s namesake makes its first appearance.

While your hear (pun), why not check out the band’s Live in the Lobby session and maybe even their Bandcamp page, for a free download of the entire EP.

-Will Guerin