When Crater came in for their Live in the Lobby, we had a Live in the Lobby first when we broke their guitar. Hey! We paid for it to be fixed and we’re totally sorry and as part of the contractual obligation per the out of court settlement to the band, we were required to write a “glowing, descriptive” song of the day post about “Name.”

That last part was a joke. We would never settle out of court, we have a set of vicious lawyers. A fury of legal precision matched by the growling howl of the layered guitars that build from the initial clatter of the echoing strums in “Name.” A melodic identity doesn’t emerge initially from “Name”, as the guitar and vocals trade off duties, briefly stepping out from the rough sonic texture to elaborate on the hazy confusion.

After the initial deluge of heavy, dark reverb, the song settles down, focusing on a singular guitar riff as it breaks down the walls of sound into a concrete, melancholic idea.

It’s hard to put an emotional lens on “Name,” materializing as a triumphant, guns a blazing fire only to calm down, take a step back and question what the hell was going on after the ringing in the ears has died down.

How about that title though, but then again what’s in a “Name” anyways? Ah, couldn’t leave you without a good pun.

-Will Guerin