Let me describe my air-guitar technique to you: I’m a lefty in this theoretical world, Guitar Hero cemented that status. I will histrionically flail my arms in an attempt to pretentiously assert that I know what my hands would look like playing chords. It’s probably embarrassing, but Glasscrafts, a Grass Giraffes off-shoot featuring the same impossibly young high-school aged Robby Casso on drums, and their distorted riffage are irresistible to this hungry young black bear.

The lyrics are mostly mumbled, vocals lost in the wash of the crunch and crash of the earworm guitar riff that does most of the talking for the band’s pop sensibilities. But effective enough to deliver a few catchy hooks along the way, including an understated, gang vocal chorus that falls somewhere between a pained moan and a resigned howl. Sure, your dad might get a kick out of it but you and your dad are long over due for a jam session. Lacking originality in style, but distinctive for making a product that seems to flow off their collective tongues so naturally.

If you dig these friendly Athens boys, feel free to check out our Bandcamp for the Glasscrafts Live in the Lobby recording and listen to “Keep Taking Me Away” above.

-Will Guerin