I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone by the name Alice, and my first association with the name is the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch. And thinking back on it now, she sort of reminds me a lot of Ellen Degenres, in both appearance and affect. I’ll get started working on the modern day remake of everyone’s favorite bougie family.

I’d like to somehow tie-in the 70’s sitcom to Sun Rust’s song “Alice” but that whole family is too hopped up on life to really fall in line with the whole tranquil, electronic Tycho thing Andrew Weller has going on. Instead just a run of the mill description: colorful, ambient leaning synths provide the atmospheric equivalent of sunrise and sunset, swathed over the bass heavy percussion. Everything sparkles with a warm glow as the reverb of the melody rises and falls. It doesn’t work too hard to catch your attention, slowly creeping into the frame and just as casually fading away.

Check out the video for “Alice” below (or still image and audio) and catch more of Sun Rust over at his Bandcamp.


-Will Guerin