Can you just not wait for Cloud Nothings’ follow-up to WUOG’s top album of 2012? Well calm down, man. It hasn’t even been a year yet. Regardless, their label mates, Popstrangers, are here to ease the pain while you learn to be patient. While Antipodes doesn’t have the same punk energy, I make the comparison because the tonality of both the vocals and guitars are evocative of the same anxieties that built up Attack on Memory. Popstrangers made an album that isn’t exactly a cathartic lashing out against the feeling of a society-fueled panic attack, but instead a slow come-to-terms with it.  The fuzzy, moody power pop that prevails the album is inviting, and teaches us “hey, maybe things will be okay after all.” This may be best demonstrated in the album’s single, “Heaven,” where the somber verses transition seamlessly to the catchy guitar hooks of the chorus.  If you’re a fan of low-fi garage rock, 90s emo rock, or distorted power pop, there’s something in here for you. –Lawson Chambers

Young Dreams
Between Places

Young Dreams has a songwriting style of Dr. Dog mixed with electronic sounds and modern production. The album has a good mix of organic sounds, acoustic guitars and flutes, mixed in with electronic sounds. There’s some very catchy chants on the album and it’s an entertaining listen all the way through. – Matthew Rodder

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