Crackling like my Kroger off-brand Fruity Pebbles (Crisp n’ Fruity Rice), the lo-fi, Audacity produced”Sleepy” samples The Music Tapes “The Dark Is Singing Songs (Sleepy Time Down In The South) and makes this song of the day a two punch combo of Athens art. Who knew someone could take a cut off an album entitled “Mary’s Voice” and make it sound gangster, looping a stuttering piece of the Julian Kostner melody over a utilitarian beat and an angelic keyboard line. As well as some guy sharing some intimate thoughts.

And really, this is quite an arbitrary choice for song of the day, as picking from the prolific 3 months, nearly 3 albums Bandcamp is like picking between a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a stack of beef jerky (in other words, difficult). Plentiful but not rushed, no filler but just 30 some odd songs that charted the first two compilations at #8 on our Top 20 Local Albums of the Year. So go ahead, check out the Bandcamp, then casually play it when you have company over and when the compliments flow in, take credit and disclose just how underground the particular artist is. Or maybe even straight up take credit for it, who knows?

-Will Guerin