I often victimize my roommates and friends by obsessing over a particular melody and singing ad nauseam with lyrics of my choice that loosely narrate my life. And recently I fell into obsession over Titan of Filth’s “The Biggest Dream #1,” that grabs you immediately with it’s glowing, lo-fi keyboard hook and continues its poppy wonder into the chorus where honeyed female vocals enter to double Sam Grindstaff’s nasally, doleful lead vocals that are continually veering towards off key but never quite lose control.  The band manages to packs as much emotional confusion as it can into 102 seconds, pairing the jaunty, upbeat rhythm, cheery melodies and catchy chorus with the depressant that are the deep, tired vocals of Grindstaff and the lyrics that constantly remind that “we dreamed the biggest dream, now we don’t dream anything at all.”

And how many songs have evil twins? Well “The Biggest Dream #2” sort of functions as such (not really but I wanted to say this), a slow tempoed, mirrored reality that follows #1 later on their album Go Rebels and drifts around with a bit of dream pop feel. My real life twin, is also in fact evil, and he is a titan of filth and he is responsible for all the dirty dishes and socks scattered around my house. Anyways, give it a chance, you’ll probably want it to go on for another couple of verses but repetition is your friend. Listen “The Biggest Dream #1” below.


By: Will Guerin