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Today we bring you our cheesy tie-in with Thanksgiving in the form of a completely coincidental song of the day. It was hard to not go with “Thankful for the Music” by ABBA but the Swedish pop group will have to wait another year for the honor. Lucky for the world, Caveman has provided us with a wonderful, most likely unintentional, Thanksgiving gem that is worthy on its own merits and isn’t like that unwanted relative that has reminded you five times now that “THE TURKEY ISN”T GOING TO MAKE ITSELF!”

In reality, “Thankful” is somewhat of a somber piece, carrying with it a strong sense of winter and trotting along with a midpaced temp, with the refrain “thankful all my friends with remorse” but for our purposes will just shorten it to “thankful all my friends” and leave with a smile on our face. Personally, I am thankful that some of us were graced by the warbly southern trash vocals of Kid Rock that beautifully reminded us of the majesty that he was indeed the “King of Detroit.”

Real cavemen were ignorant of this day of festivity and for that we mourn, using those tears to season our wonderful turkeys. WUOG wishes you a happy Thanksgiving.