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The band name Boycycle sounds vaguely sexual and Urban Dictionary is quick to confirm this theory with a boatload of definitions that vary but center nicely on something that shouldn’t be written about in a blog (no shame in checking it out). While it was most certainly unintentional, lead singer Ashley Floyd’s sultry and stunningly beautiful lead vocals can roam free on “Florida Mercy,” a showcase of her talent as she absolutely crushes and delivers with passionate highs. In the background, a banjo plucks away, a lovely accompaniment paired with the steady pulse of the percussion.

And Floyd’s vocals are not without purpose, not just some pissing contest of sorts in which she tries to impress the judges on American Idol. There really isn’t a cheesy way of going about saying this but the vocals come from somewhere real, emotionally derived cathartic release that penetrate as Floyd probes herself and comes up depressing regret after regret of “never should haves”. And the lyrics are so much better for it, a story of sorts about losing someone to Florida (I’m sure all you Dawg fans out there can releate) that comes to life in a flood of grief and sadness of “all I once had.” The line “you say you’ve never eaten humble pie, well baby, this is how it tastes, this is how it tastes” would probably be cheesy anywhere else but here in a momentary lull in the instrumentation, with such emotionally charged vocals, becomes akin to a “ they may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom” moment, such a satisfying, pump your fist, fuck you moment, driven home by the resurgence of the band.

This all comes in a package wrapped in a somewhat cheery melody that disguises the lyrical depth of the song. So give it a listen lying down in bed, assume the fetal position, try not to cry and cry a lot. Also make sure to check out our Bandcamp for a recording of their Live in the Lobby performance here at WUOG and mark your calendars for the 29th of November for their performance at Night One of Hollidaze with the absolutely stacked lineup of Qurious, Brothers, Thick Paint and the Barlettas.

-Will Guerin