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During an annual fundraiser for their radio station, two student DJs at California Polytechnic State University’s KCPR offered to send pictures of their genitals over Snapchat in exchange for cash donations. Whether meant as a joke or not, the university’s administration was not pleased.

The station was labeled “rogue” and complaints about lack of oversight and professionalism on KCPR surfaced. A faculty member even had her name removed from the station’s FCC license, and administration began devising a panel to oversee changes in the station.

All of these moves could have been expected from the raucous fundraiser exploits, but one note from the Dean of the Liberal Arts College struck a different chord.

“I am beginning to believe that we should sell the radio license (we have had an offer),” said Douglas Epperson in an email obtained by CalCoastNews.



We sent music staffer, writer and entrepreneur Andy Tabeling (pictured above) to Kingston Downs, Georgia for  Counterpoint! Here’s some of his favorite sets from that weekend.

Deep Cotton
Janelle Monáe appeared on stage to introduce Deep Cotton, who are known mostly for their collaborations with her. Although Monae’s house band and Deep Cotton share members, they quickly established and separated themselves as unique and energetic performers. Their opening track “We’re Far Enough from Heaven Now We Can Freak Out” doesn’t sound extremely out of place among the rest of the Wondaland Arts Society’s output, yet there was a more pointed rock energy to the band’s set. Their set was heavy on covers as well, highlighted by a faithful yet highly enjoyable cover of the Stones’ “Satisfaction”.

Schoolboy Q
I often approach live hip-hop with a large degree of skepticism, but luckily Schoolboy Q’s Friday evening performance engaged me consistently and was an absolute blast for Q’s hardcore fans. Riding in on a bicycle and backed by a TDE DJ (I must admit I got very tired of airhorn samples and “Top Dawg Entertainment” voiceover bits), Q treated his audience to a set that heavily favored his most recent release Oxymoron. Much of what made this performance so entertaining is that Schoolboy Q has a distinct personality and was eager to interact with fans. Q bantered with the crowd throughout his set, explaining origins of songs, inviting his large number of eager followers to rap along with him and generally feeding off the everyone’s energy. It was actually supposed to be Schoolboy Q’s off day during the festival, but he wanted to come and give the crowd his best. The set highlight was closer “Man of the Year” (the song everyone knew he would close with), which sent the large crowd into a frenzy of joyful shouts and groovy dancing.


Packing for Summer Camp

By Brigette Adair Herron (of Tunabunny)

I never went to summer camp. There are no camp songs or ghost stories from my memory that I can look back on. There are certainly no memories of warmth or togetherness around the campfire like I used to see on TV. I did watch “Ernest Goes To Camp” once, but I much preferred “Ernest Scared Stupid”. In the summertime when I was a kid I watched a lot of TV, I played the drums, and I was bored. I was so unimaginably bored! But from boredom comes great innovation, and that is one strategy that I can share with you.

Having grown up in Athens, GA I come from a long tradition of bored local kids making up their own fun, embracing their inner weirdness, and generally not worrying about what people might think. It was this spirit that I believe inspired the early days of WUOG, and that continues today. So if you are staying in Athens this summer, you live here full time, or you just think of Athens as your groovy adopted home, then this playlist is for you. I may not know anything about summer camp, but I sure as hell know a lot about being fabulous, putting on a pair of gold hot pants and gearing up for an unbearably hot and humid summer. You’re going to need two things: confidence and glitter.

1. Divine – I’m so Beautiful

When Divine sings, “There ain’t nobody better than me, Can’t you see, LOOK at ME!” she is so right. This song fills me with a happiness that is so infectious it has never failed to lift me up from my lowest low. The true brilliance of this song is that while it starts out as very Divine-centric (I’m so beautiful), as the song goes on it slowly adds the lines, “we’re all beautiful, you’ve gotta believe that we are beautiful,” which is so powerful—transitioning from the love and acceptance of the self to a more universal love for all of humankind. It is at times pleading (You’ve gotta believe that I am beautiful!) and at other times completely confident (everyone is welcome to this point of view). Divine, otherworldly in her cosmic magnificence, never to be stopped—not even by death, she’s got a synthesizer that won’t quit and she does it better than New Order. There is no one better. She brings the gift of freedom, and now it belongs to you.



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You should know better . You’ve been here long enough. Wasn’t it back in 31 when you hopped the Idlewild on Rose Island and stowed away to Louisville, the Fontaine Ferry Gun Shy still ringing in your ears? They changed her name to Avalon and you still hung on, through the floods of 37 and the winds of 74 and here you are, in 1992, about to get hit by a train, a creaking hulking stealthy truck of wonder called ‘Rusty’. You should know better than to be over Floyd’s Fork Creek this time of night. Unique acoustics round here. You can’t hear the trains coming. (more…)