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We’ve  partnered with Counterpoint to give away a grand prize package to the mid-May festival, which includes a pair of 3-day passes along with three nights of camping. Tune in and check out our Facebook and Twitter pages throughout this week for chances to enter our drawing for the passes. We will announce the winner Friday afternoon!

For more about Counterpoint and the full lineup, check out http://bit.ly/1K2OQAp


We decided to do some spring cleaning with our website and may have gone a little overboard. With this fresh new start, the goal was to make the site simpler and easier to navigate (and hey, a bit easier on the eyes). There are several issues that still need to be fixed — with the Listen Live button being top priority — but we couldn’t wait any longer to show off the makeover!

Expect a lot more things now that we have our new site going: more content on the music blog, more video and media, a mobile-friendly version, and more interaction with you guys, our listeners and readers. We hope you enjoy our new look, and a sincere thank you in advance for being patient as we work out the kinks!

Edit: The Listen Live button is now working. Tune in!

In the Red

Although the new self-titled release from Fuzz features Ty Segall on drums on vocals, his role on this album is far different than other releases. Instead of playing lead guitar, he’s playing drums and his vocals are buried far deeper in the mix than his other full band record (2012’s stellar Slaughterhouse). In fact, there are very few vocals on this record at all, with the songs themselves feeling far more improvisational and loose compared to many of Ty’s other records, with each track sounding like a demonic jam session. While Slaughterhouse covers much the same thematic material, Fuzz at times sounds far more menacing and more like an actual band just jamming around and having a blast rather than playing the tightest, most composed song possible. This leads to a lot of interesting, intense fuzz-rock songs and a solid start to a new project. – Andy Tabeling

Into It. Over It.
Triple Crown Records

This is Into It. Over It.’s second full-length record and the first one this reviewer has heard. Simply put, Intersections shows a man (by the name of Evan Weiss) who has fully mastered his instrument – the guitar. At many times I was reminded of Television’s Marquee Moon – I’d hear three guitar lines that I thought would never come together sonically, and be astounded as Weiss spun an equally intricate vocal melody over that, creating some of the most complex-sounding music I’ve ever heard. This record falls more on the indie rock side of things, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Underneath the (occasionally) screaming electric guitars is an acoustic guitar quietly laying the basis for the whole track. It certainly feels like a very personal album. – Dan C.

Edited by: Nathan Kerce


Now, usually, I don’t do this but uh, let’s go ahead and break ‘em off with a little preview of the live version. And let’s be honest, this pretty much had to be the song of the day with the picture of a hospitalized, bed-ridden Madeline Hassett (lead singer of TONDA) making its rounds on Facebook (89 likes and counting) and being touted by the band’s Facebook page as an official album cover leak. And what if I told you this was a recording from that very hospital room, and will be released later in 2014 under the name Emergency Jams (I would be lying).

In an Athens scene where the principal songwriter usually helms vocal duties, for better or worse, you notice when vocal talent becomes emotionally relevant. Vocals in “Untitled” that initially provide something humid and muggy to pair with a bass line striking in the way it hangs its head in resignation. Progressing into a shouting match of vocal chord tearing thrash and shattered cymbals, that passes through and leaves the ground cracked and barren. So soulful and pained sounding are Hassett’s vocals it’s hard to not to picture a savage outpouring of physicality – tearing away the rubber covering of a mic cord with nails ground deep.

Check out the aforementioned track below and head on over to the band’s Bandcamp and Facebook pages if you’re lusting for more.
-Will Guerin

Chris Baio (no relation to Scott Baio*) of Vampire Weekend-fame has been making thumping electronic music under his last name for a good while now. He has a new EP coming out called Mira and has just released a single of the same name. It’s a pulsing house track with a patient groove and creative sample use that gives the song its title. If there ever comes a time when Vampy Weeks no longer needs a bass player for some reason, Baio should be just fine all alone. Listen to “Mira” here and check out the Mira EP when it releases on 10/28 via Future Classic.

By: Nathan Kerce

*I assume, I didn’t do any research into this claim at all.