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Andy Tabeling, Wuog staffer and gonzo journalist of sorts, sat down with A Sunny Day in Glasgow and chatted about life on the road, making a record when your members live on different continents, and Phil Collins.



Friend of WUOG, Connor Dixon, interviewed Florida emo band You Blew It! when they played in Atlanta with Say Anything, The Front Bottoms and So So Glos. (more…)

Saxophonist, arranger, founder of Love of Life Orchestra, and composer Peter Gordon has been an important part of New York’s downtown performing arts community since the 1970s and has worked with artists such as Arthur Russell, Robert Ashley, and Factory Floor.


vertical axis

On his new solo album The Vertical Axis, Ian Crause, founding member of Essex band Disco Inferno, attempts to balance content with form.  Back in the Nineties, Disco Inferno created swirling music of immediacy, a reaction to a neoliberal England, a way of figuring out how to fit in a globalizing, postmodern economic and cultural landscape, with lyrics commenting on class, immigration, loneliness, and depression among other themes.  The music itself was carried by Crause triggering real-time samples with a midi-guitar, Rob Whatley doing the same but on drums, and Paul Wilmott grounding all the chaos with melodic bass lines.  On the Vertical Axis, Crause’s goals of form seem more realized, the content more thought out.  (more…)

The typical, popular Athens music narrative tends to start with B-52s, Pylon, bands mentioned in Party Out of Bounds, and continues to R.E.M. and Athens Inside Out Bands. Then, the narrative jarringly jumps to Elephant Six.  Often less mentioned are bands such as Mercyland, Porn Orchard, Bliss, Magneto, and Roosevelt, who formed part of a local Athens hardcore/post-hardcore scene. Besides Mercyland and Porn Orchard, these bands are largely undocumented, their existence betrayed by a couple of tracks on a compilation, FUEL: Seven Bands From Athens, Ga. , put out by Self Rising Records.  The compilation is indicative of an active, fervent scene, albeit one without many outside resources or media attention.  I sat down with Joe Rowe, the drummer of Bliss, to talk about Athens in the 90s.  Rowe currently leads a bands called The Goons and has played with bands such as The Glands.

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