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Still fuming because you didn’t get to go to Governor’s Ball? Well wuogger Will Guerin can tell you all about Interpol, Outkast, and of course the Strokes and their borderline cultish fanbase. (more…)


Editing everyone else’s Athfest coverage made me want to write about my own experience, especially since there are a lot of bands we haven’t covered yet. So here you are, stories from the Athfest trenches as told by Music Director, Brett Bennett. (more…)


Wuogger Will Guerin has some thoughts on Athfest, covering Athens favorites like Reptar, New Madrid and Dana Swimmer. (more…)


We sent field reporter/wuog staffer/all around Athens cool kid, Zac Turner out to report on THREE days of Athfest. He is very tired now and never wants to listen to music again. Honor his hard work and listen to what he thought about Dead Confederate, The Rodney Kings, Never and MORE….. (more…)


We are kicking off our Athfest coverage with previews from some of our staffers. Meredith Drury offers a brief introduction to Athfest and Will Guerin reminiscences about the past. (more…)

Slingshot hit Athens hard and amidst the wonderful shows and artistic showcases, the Historic Morton Theater played host to some amazing comedy. Athens has always been a great place to for new and upcoming musicians, but the same goes for comedians. Atlanta comedian Josh Harris, a finalist in the Stand Up for Diversity talent set the night off with some local flavor and a little bit of music, followed by co-host of the Nerdist Podcast and host of the upcoming show Meltdown on Comedy Central, Jonah Ray. Ray left the audience rolling with Bing horror stories and a message from a fan he wished he never had.


I spent most of Friday at Japan Nite, where two bands in particular stood out to me. Zarigani$ went on third. I love girls in shapeless dresses holding guitars. It’s such a staple of 90s girl bands- but this drum and bass duo sounded like nothing I’ve seen before. (more…)

It’s clear that the West Coast “won” SXSW when it comes to hip-hop. Atlanta and Chicago both made valiant efforts in showcasing lots of new and exciting talent (while New York was pretty much completely underrepresented unless you’re a huge A$AP fan) but Los Angeles, for lack of a better word, had this shit on lock. Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and the rest of the TDE crew headlined one of the biggest nights of the iTunes festival; Acts like 100S took over the Fader Fort and went from almost no-name to “did you see that rapper with the beautiful hair?” in just a few days. However, it was DJ Mustard and his associated acts that really took over SXSW. Seeing just how pervasive these acts were throughout the week might just make someone believe the hype around the rise of “the new West Coast.” Here are my thoughts on some West Coast acts, all from Los Angeles, all brought up by DJ Mustard.


future sxsw

SPIN Day Party

While Future’s disappointing Ray Ban x Boiler Room “set” was a complete bust for any and all in attendance, his set one day earlier at Stubb’s was every super-fan’s dream come true. Every inch of his legendary Atlanta urban radio run during the last four or so years was covered, from his features on songs like “Bugatti” and “Racks” to his own smash hits like “Karate Chop” and “Move That Dope.” In direct opposition to the setlist full of bangers, Future seemed quiet and humble between tracks, taking every possible opportunity to show love to his fans. Towards the end of the set he performed a track entitled “Good Morning” that he had to scrap from his upcoming album Honest. He very awkwardly skirted around the details when explaining the track’s origin to the crowd but from what I can gather it sounds like Future might be owed a writing/co-producer credit on Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love.” This was a revelatory, spaced-out sex jam of the highest order that could have been the biggest hit of Future’s career.  “I don’t think I’ll ever perform that song again,” he said, letting out a huge smile, slowly floating back to earth.