WUOG 90.5 Home


WUOG 90.5 FM is located in the Tate Student Center of the University of Georgia. Our transmitter is in Brumby Hall, and our tower reaches into the sky at 200 feet. We operate at an effective radiation of 26,000 watts, broadcasting at 90.5 MHz. Our signal reaches an average radius of 50 miles, reaching far into the mountains of North Carolina and to the outer limits of Atlanta.

We are staffed, operated, and funded by UGA students. Supported mainly through student activity dollars, the radio station’s budget is supplemented by underwriting from local businesses as well as donations from alumni.


WUOG is an alternative media outlet, meaning that it is our duty to air quality programming that is otherwise neglected on commercially operated channels. Our station’s music philosophy is designed to help new and independent artists gain exposure on campus, in Athens, and throughout the nation. WUOG is much more than just a stepping-stone on the road to an artist’s commercial success— many artists who choose to avoid the world of “big media” can find a home on our cozy airwaves.

Music considered for airplay in our regular rotation is judged on an artist-by-artist basis. Songs and albums are not considered individually but as part of a whole. Artists who meet any of the following criteria are automatically disqualified from airplay:

  1. The artist has or had a song on the The Billboard Hot 100 in the past 20 years.
  2. The artist has an album that has entered the Top 20 of the Billboard 200.

Oftentimes, a band will “retire” from WUOG due to the above restrictions. Once this happens, a band cannot re-enter our programming as part of the regular rotation.

To sum it all up, we play good music that is not played on major commercial stations.


At 2 pm on October 16, 1972, WUOG signed onto the air for the first time at a frequency of Rooftop 90.5 MHz with 3,200 watts. Five years later, our power was boosted up to 10,000 watts. In 1994, we upgraded to the current 26,000 watts of operation. With the exception of a period of time in 1981 (February 18th to April 6th) when the station was shut down, WUOG has operated for 18 to 24 hours each day (with the occasional technicolor staff-related sign-off here and there).

From R.E.M. to Reptar, we’ve had many Athens bands play on-air and in our lobby throughout the years. If you’re in a band and want to be part of our history, be sure to contact us.


The mission of the WUOG Alumni Association is to create a culture of engagement among former station volunteers. They provide a support network for WUOG operations, help organize annual alumni multi-city meet-ups, and help the current staff with advice and training, among other things. If you would like to become involved with the WUOG Alumni Association, sign up for the listserv or request to join the Facebook group.