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This week we have a dark, violent and hilarious video from Pennsylvania hardcore band Pissed Jeans for their single “Bathroom Laughter” off their new album Honeys. It starts off as a simple infomercial/QVC parody but soon blood starts praying and things start to get very surreal. The actual song (which, by the way, is great) sort of takes a backseat to the chaos of the action on the screen but nevertheless the whole thing is very entertaining. Watch above and check out Pissed Jeans new album Honeys out now via Sub Pop.

By: Nathan Kerce

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  1. joe orr says:

    Hi, I am a local Athens musician. Below for your entertainment is the link to a new video for my new original song “satan and his rapidly approaching army of winged henchmen. I figured you’d like to check out some local rock. I hope you like it – thanks, Joe

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