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Welcome to a new feature on the WUOG Music Blog, Archive Classic. Every now and then, we’ll post pictures and write-ups of notable albums pulled from our extensive archives. You’ll see classic albums, interesting reviews and more as we explore WUOG’s past.

Our first featured album is one of my favorite finds. While Black Flag’s Damaged itself is an undeniable hardcore staple, what draws me to our copy is the album graffiti which reflects a distinct point in music history. Though Damaged is missing its formal review, the informal ones speak volumes.



Perhaps the album’s missing a review because it was initially mislabeled as New Wave, a mistake which prompted some snarky responses. Reactions include, “New Wave my ass! This destroys New Wave!” followed by “That’s for sure!” and a doodle of a clenched fist. Finally, one DJ eloquently summed up WUOG’s feelings for the LP, scribbling “KICK ASS” above the genre label.

Though hardcore had been developing a few years beforehand, the movement was solidifying when this defining album dropped. The Decline of Western Civilization, a film documenting the LA hardcore scene, had been released 6 months prior to Damaged but neither the film nor Black flag’s debut LP received much press coverage. WUOG DJs certainly recognized a future classic and their excited reactions allow us to rediscover it given a fresh perspective.

– JJ Posway

2 responses to “ARCHIVE CLASSIC: Black Flag – Damaged”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this idea. Kudos to those of you who came up with it.

    I worked at WUOG from 1984-1989 and I still (for some inexplicable reason) remember many of the comments that were scrawled on the albums. My hands touched that album more than a handful of times. Thanks for the fun visual memory!

  2. Ort. Carlton. says:

    Ah, poor “Damaged” appears to be damaged. Apropos.

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